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3000/3100 Class

Adelaide Metro 3000/3100 Class Diesel Multiple Units with 3030 at the rear, Belair, 28 September 2012.

Road numbers:

3001–30, 3101–40



Adelaide Metro



1600 mm


Year of entry into service:



Number built:




Commonwealth Engineering (3000–8, 3101–12); Clyde Engineering (3009–30, 3113–40)


Manufacturing location:

Dandenong, Victoria (3000-3008, 3101-3112); Somerton, Victoria (3009-3030, 3113-3140)



Mercedes Benz V12


Traction power:

354 kW



48.0 t (3000 Class); 46.0 t (3100 Class)



25.3 m



106 (3000 Class); 113 (3100 Class)

Adelaide Metro’s 3000 and 3100 Class Diesel Multiple Units were based on the design of the Melbourne Comeng suburban electric trains. The 3000 Class cars have a cab at each end and the 3100 Class cars only have one cab. As a result, the 3000 Class can operate as single cars, whereas the 3100 Class always run as multiple units. Both classes can operate in multiples of up to six cars, but the 3100 Class typically operate as two-car trains. The 3000 and 3100 Class railcars have AC traction motors and could be converted from diesel to electric traction if required in the future. These trains provide services in the Adelaide suburban area.


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