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This page contains links to Australian railway and tramway quizzes. All quizzes are multiple choice and have 20 questions, except for the Big Quizzes, which have 100 questions. New quizzes are added regularly.


Big Quiz 2020

Big Quiz 2021

Big Quiz 2022

Big Quiz 2023

Diesel Multiple Units

Electric Multiple Units

Indian Pacific


Locomotives 2

Long-distance Passenger Trains

New South Wales

New South Wales Diesel Locomotives

New South Wales Rail Motors and Multiple Unit Trains

New South Wales Railway and Tramway History

New South Wales Railway Infrastructure

New South Wales Railway Lines

New South Wales Railway Lines 2

New South Wales Railway Locations

New South Wales Railway Stations

New South Wales Steam Locomotives

New South Wales Steam Locomotives 2

New South Wales Trams

Northern Territory  Railway History

Northern Territory Railway Lines


Queensland Diesel Locomotives

Queensland Rail Motors and Multiple Unit Trains

Queensland Railway and Tramway History

Queensland Railway Infrastructure

Queensland Railway Lines

Queensland Railway Lines 2

Queensland Railway Locations

Queensland Railway Stations

Queensland Steam Locomotives

Queensland Steam Locomotives 2

South Australia and Northern Territory

South Australian Diesel Locomotives

South Australian Rail Motors and Multiple Unit Trains

South Australian Railway and Tramway History

South Australian Railway Infrastructure


South Australian Railway Lines

South Australian Railway Lines 2

South Australian Railway Locations

South Australian Railway Stations

South Australian Steam Locomotives

South Australian Steam Locomotives 2

Suburban and Interurban Passenger Trains


Tasmanian Diesel Locomotives

Tasmanian Railway and Tramway History

Tasmanian Railway Infrastructure

Tasmanian Railway Lines

Tasmanian Railway Locations

Tasmanian Steam Locomotives

Tasmanian Steam Locomotives 2

Tourist and Heritage Railways, Tramways and Museums

Tramways and Light Rail

Trans-Australian Railway


Victorian Diesel Locomotives

Victorian Rail Motors and Multiple Unit Trains

Victorian Railway and Tramway History

Victorian Railway Infrastructure

Victorian Railway Lines

Victorian Railway Lines 2

Victorian Railway Locations

Victorian Railway Stations

Victorian Steam Locomotives

Victorian Steam Locomotives 2

Victorian Trams

Western Australia

Western Australian Diesel Locomotives

Western Australian Rail Motors and Multiple Unit Trains

Western Australian Railway and Tramway History

Western Australian Railway Infrastructure


Western Australian Railway Lines

Western Australian Railway Lines 2

Western Australian Railway Locations

Western Australian Railway Stations

Western Australian Steam Locomotives

Western Australian Steam Locomotives 2

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