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Long-distance Passenger Trains

NR18 leads 3AS8 Sydney-bound Indian Pacific approaching Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, 18 January 2012.

Long-distance passenger train services in Australia include interstate services crossing state and territory borders, and intrastate services within states. These trains operate to and from the state and territory capitals, servicing most of the larger cities and towns in regional areas of the Australian mainland. There are no long-distance passenger train services within Tasmania. The number of long-distance passenger trains operating in Australia is small compared to many overseas countries, particularly in Europe and Asia. Further information about timetables and fares can be found on the websites of train operators. More detailed timetables can be downloaded from Train Times: Australian and New Zealand Train Timetables <>. Years of opening for sections of railway line outside of suburban and interurban areas have been shown in the descriptions of train journeys.

Links to interstate and intrastate long-distance services are below.


New South Wales



Western Australia

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