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Abbreviations and Acronyms

AARC: AustralAsia Railway Corporation

ABB: ASEA Brown Boveri

AC: Alternating Current

ACRI: Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation

ACT: Australian Capital Territory

AETA: Australian Electric Traction Association

Alco: American Locomotive Company

ALC: Australian Logistics Council

ALGA: Australian Local Government Association

AMPRN: Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (South Australia)

ANTCS: Advanced Network Train Control System (Tasmania)

ANGRMS: Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society (Queensland)

ANRP: Australian Network Rules and Procedures

APT NSW: Action for Public Transport (NSW)

ARA: Australasian Railway Association

ARC: Australian Research Council

ARE: Association of Railway Enthusiasts

ARG: Australian Railroad Group

ARHS: Australian Railway Historical Society

ARL: Above Rail Level

ARO: Accredited Rail Organisation

ARRM: Australian Rail Risk Model

ARTC: Australian Rail Track Corporation

ATA: Australian Timetable Association

ATC: Australian Transport Council

ATHRA: Association of Tourist & Heritage Rail Australia

ATMS: Advanced Train Management System

ATP: Automatic Train Protection

ATRF: Australasian Transport Research Forum

ATRQ: Association of Tourist Railways Queensland

ATSB: Australian Transport Safety Bureau

AWS: Automatic Warning System

BG: Broad Gauge

BHP: Broken Hill Proprietary

BITRE: Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics

BMA: BHP Mitsubishi Alliance

BOOT: Build, Own, Operate, Transfer

BOTS: Bulk Ore Transportation System

BRC: Bowen Rail Company

BRL: Below Rail Level

CBD: Central Business District

CBH: Co-operative Bulk Handling (Western Australia)

CBTC: Communications-based Train Control

CDU: Cab Display Unit

CERT: Centre for Excellence in Rail Training

CILTA: Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia

CLARA: Consolidated Land and Rail Australia

CMET: Canberra Metro Operations

COAG: Council of Australian Governments

COP: Code of Practice

COTMA: Council of Tramway Museums of Australasia

CQCN: Central Queensland Coal Network

CRC: Cooperative Research Centre

CRE: Centre for Railway Engineering (Queensland)

CRL: Consolidated Rail Leasing

CRN: Country Regional Network (New South Wales)

CRR: Cross River Rail (Queensland)

CST: Central Standard Time

CTC: Centralised Traffic Control

DC: Direct Current

DERMPAV: Diesel Electric Rail Motor Preservation Association of Victoria

DIRN: Defined Interstate Rail Network

DMU: Diesel Multiple Unit

DOO: Driver Only Operation

DoT: Department of Transport (Victoria)

DSCR: Daylesford Spa Country Railway

DTC: Direct Traffic Control

DTO: Driverless Train Operation

DTRS: Digital Train Radio System

EDI: Evans Deakin Industries

EE: English Electric

EMD: Electro-Motive Diesel

EMU: Electric Multiple Unit

ERTMS: European Rail Traffic Management System

EST: Eastern Standard Time

ETCS: European Train Control System

FAL: Forrestfield–Airport Link (Western Australia)

FMG: Fortescue Metals Group

GCLR: Gold Coast Light Rail (Queensland)

GE: General Electric

GM: General Motors

GPS: Global Positioning System

GTK: Gross Tonne Kilometre

HCMT: High Capacity Metro Train (Victoria)

HCS: High Capacity Signalling

HET: Historic Electric Traction (New South Wales)

HSR: High Speed Rail

ICE: Intercity Express

IITC-Rail: Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rail Track Infrastructure

ILRMS: Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society (New South Wales)

IMEX: Import-export

IMU: Interurban Multiple Unit

IRSEA: Institution of Railway Signalling Engineers Australasian Section

IRT: Institute of Railway Technology (Victoria)

ITas: Infrastructure Tasmania

ITN: Integrated Transport Network

KDR: Keolis DownerEDI Rail

KSR: Kuranda Scenic Railway (Queensland)

Kv: Kilovolts

LC: Low Clearance

LCL: Less than Container Load

LDP: Locomotive Demand Power

LRRSA: Light Railway Research Society of Australia

LRT: Light Rail Transit

LRV: Light Rail Vehicle

LTTMP: Long Term Transport Master Plan (New South Wales)

LVR: Lachlan Valley Railway (New South Wales)

LXRA: Level Crossing Removal Authority (Victoria)

MFN: Metropolitan Freight Network (New South Wales)

MIC: Moorebank Intermodal Company (New South Wales)

MRL: Mineral Resources Limited (Western Australia)

MSF: Maryborough Sugar Factory (Queensland)

MTM: Metro Trains Melbourne (Victoria)

MTP: Master Train Plan

MTPA: Million Tonnes Per Annum

MU: Multiple Unit

NCO: Network Control Officer

NG: Narrow Gauge

NGBR: North Galilee Basin Rail (Queensland)

NGR: New Generation Rollingstock (Queensland)

NRM: National Railway Museum (South Australia)

NSFL: Northern Sydney Freight Line (New South Wales)

NSW: New South Wales

NT: Northern Territory

NTC: National Transport Commission

NTK: Net Tonne Kilometres

ONRSR: Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

OTR: On Time Running

OTSI: Office of Transport Safety Investigations (New South Wales)

PBR: Puffing Billy Railway (Victoria)

PID: Passenger Information Display

PMI: Process Minerals International (Western Australia)

PN: Pacific National

PPT: People for Public Transport (South Australia)

PRR: Pichi Richi Railway (South Australia)

PTA: Public Transport Authority (Western Australia)

PTCBR: Public Transport Association of Canberra

PTP Alliance: Public Transport Projects Alliance (South Australia)

PTRG: Public Transport Research Group

PTUA: Public Transport Users Association (Victoria)

PTV: Public Transport Victoria

PWI NSW: Permanent Way Institution of New South Wales

Qld: Queensland

QR: Queensland Rail

RCS: Remote Controlled Signalling

RFL: Regional Fast Rail (Victoria)

RIA: Rail Innovation Australia

RISI: Rail Industry Safety Induction

RISSB: Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board

RMC: Rail Management Centre

ROC: Rail Operations Centre (New South Wales)

ROC: Remote Operations Centre (Western Australia)

RPV: Rail Projects Victoria

RRL: Regional Rail Link (Victoria)

RRV: Road Rail Vehicle

RSMS: Rail Safety Management System

RSNL: Rail Safety National Law

RSU: Remote Shunting Unit

RSW: Rail Safety Worker

RTAA: Rail Track Association Australia

RTBU: Rail, Tram and Bus Union

RTO: Rail Transport Operator

RTSA: Railway Technical Society of Australasia

SA: South Australia

SCT: Specialised Container Transport

SETS: Sydney Electric Train Society (New South Wales)

SG: Standard Gauge

SIMTA: Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (New South Wales)

SMTF: Sydney Metro Trains Facility

SMU: Suburban Multiple Unit

SPAD: Signal Passed At Danger

SPI: Station Platform Indicator

SSFL: Southern Sydney Freight Line (New South Wales)

SSR: Southern Shorthaul Railroad

STN: Special Train Notice

TAA: Train Alteration Advice

TAC: Transport Accident Commission (Victoria)

TAHE: Transport Asset Holding Entity of New South Wales

TAR: Trans-Australian Railway

Tas.: Tasmania

TBM: Tunnel Boring Machine

TC: Transport Canberra

TCC: Train Control Centre

TCCS: Transport Canberra and City Services

TCS: Train Control System

TESSA: Transport Enthusiasts Society of South Australia

TEU: Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit

TfNSW: Transport for New South Wales

TFRRP: Tasmanian Freight Rail Revitalisation Program

TGI: Track Geometry Index

THNSW: Transport Heritage NSW

TLS: Train Location System

TMC: Transport Management Centre (New South Wales)

TSR: Temporary Speed Restriction

TSV: Transport Safety Victoria

TTF: Tourism and Transport Forum Australia

TTO: Transperth Train Operations (Western Australia)

TVM: Ticket Vending Machine

UGL: United Group Limited

UGLRL: UGL Regional Linx

UITPANZ: International Association of Public Transport (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) Australia/New Zealand

UTC: Universal Traffic Control

VFT: Very Fast Train

Vic.: Victoria

WA: Western Australia

WAIO: Western Australia Iron Ore

WILD: Wheel Impact Load Detector

WST: Western Standard Time

XPT: Express Passenger Train

YCS: Yard Control System

YT: Yarra Trams (Victoria)



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