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4000 Class

Two 4000 Class Electric Multiple Unit trains passing: Tonsley-bound train with car 4008A on the rear (left) and Adelaide-bound train from Seaford with 4016A on the front (right), Woodlands Park, 18 January 2017.

Road numbers:

4001A–34A, 4001B–34B, 4001T–34T


Set numbers:




Adelaide Metro



1600 mm


Year of entry into service:



Number built:




Bombardier Transportation


Manufacturing location:

Dandenong, Vic



60.0 t (A: driving car, B: driving car); 58.5 t (T: trailer car)



25.3 m (A: driving car, B: driving car); 25.0 m (T: trailer car)



70 (A: driving car); 72 (B: driving car); 90 (T: trailer car)

The 4000 Class Electric Multiple Units are Adelaide’s first electric trains. They entered service on the Seaford line when it was electrified in 2014, the Flinders line from 2020 and the Gawler line from 2022. Train sets consist of two driving motor cars and one trailer car. The original order was for 22 train sets. Further cars were ordered with the electrification of the Gawler line, taking the total of sets to 34. They have a maximum speed in general service of 110 km/h.


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