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Airport Line

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Elevated walkway between Perth Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Central railway station, 2 October 2022. Photo: Calistemon, Wikimedia Commons.

Year Opened:

Bayswater–High Wycombe 2022



Redcliffe, Airport Central, High Wycombe


Typical Journey Time:

21 minutes (Perth–High Wycombe); 11 minutes (Bayswater–High Wycombe)


Typical Peak Frequency:

12 minutes


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

15 minutes


Typical Weekend Frequency:

15 minutes

The Airport line extends from Bayswater on the Midland line to Perth airport. It features eight kilometres of twin tunnels, providing for double track throughout. Construction of the line commenced in 2016, but various issues caused its completion to be delayed, and it was officially opened on 9 October 2022. Trains on the Airport line stop at all stations. Services from the Airport line typically extend to Claremont on the Fremantle after travelling through the city.

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