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B Set (Waratah Series 2)

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Set B2 forms an Up suburban train climbing the flyover after departing Glenfield, heading towards the city via Revesby, while on the right a Down suburban train formed by S Sets approaches, 2 October 2018.

Road numbers:

D1101–41; D1201–41; N1501–41, N1601–41; N1701–41, N1801–41; T1301–41, T1401–41


Set numbers:




Sydney Trains



1435 mm


Year of entry into service:



Number built:



Downer EDI; Changchun Railway Vehicles



52.1 t (D: driving trailer car); 52.2 t (N: motor car); 48.1 t (T: trailer car)



20.7 m (D: driving trailer car); 20.2 m (N: motor car); 20.3 m (T: Trailer car)



101 (D: driving trailer car); 118 (N: motor car); 110 (T: trailer car)

In December 2016 the New South Wales Government announced the order for 24 new eight-car suburban train sets. These trains are very similar to the A Set Waratah trains, but have improvements to air conditioning, accessibility and internal lighting. Also, large screens in each carriage enable information and advertisements to be broadcast to passengers. They can be distinguished from the first series of Waratah trains by the orange colour on the front of the train, whereas the original Waratah trains have yellow on the front of the train and orange on the sides of the driver’s cab. The first of the B Set trains entered service in September 2018. They are maintained at Auburn.



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