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Gawler Line

Gawler station, 18 July 2009.

Year Opened:

Adelaide–Gawler 1857



North Adelaide, Ovingham, Dudley Park, Islington, Kilburn, Dry Creek, Mawson Interchange, Greenfields, Parafield Gardens, Parafield, Chidda, Salisbury Interchange, Nurlutta, Elizabeth South, Elizabeth Interchange, Womma, Broadmeadows, Smithfield Interchange, Munno Para, Kudla, Tambelin, Evanston, Gawler, Gawler Oval, Gawler Central


Typical Journey Time:

50 minutes (Adelaide–Gawler); 55 minutes (Adelaide–Gawler Central)


Typical Peak Frequency:

15 minutes (Gawler); 30 minutes (Gawler Central)


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

15 minutes (Gawler); 30 minutes (Gawler Central)


Typical Weekend Frequency:

30 minutes (Gawler Central)

The Gawler line extends to the northern suburbs of Adelaide. A trip from Adelaide to Gawler Central provides the longest journey time of the suburban railway lines in Adelaide. The line is double track as far as Gawler and single track between Gawler and Gawler Central. It has been re-laid with dual gauge sleepers, allowing possible future conversion to standard gauge. The line extends beyond Gawler, but this section is no longer serviced by trains. Between Adelaide and Salisbury the single-track standard gauge line to Crystal Brook and Port Augusta runs adjacent on the western side of the line. Electrification of the Gawler line was completed in 2022. Weekday services have variable stopping patterns. Almost all trains stop at the identified ‘Hi Frequency Stations’ of Islington, Mawson Interchange, Parafield, Salisbury Interchange, Elizabeth Interchange, Smithfield Interchange, Tambelin and Gawler, with services alternating between two main stopping patterns at the other stations. Peak hour services have more variable stopping patterns. Trains typically alternate between services terminating at Gawler and services terminating at Gawler Central. Weekend services alternate between trains stopping at all stations and trains skipping the stations between Adelaide and Dry Creek but stopping at all other stations, except North Adelaide, which has no services on weekends. On weekends all trains terminate at Gawler Central. There is a long-term proposal for railway extensions to the north and east of Gawler.

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