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Grange Line

East Grange station, April 2008. Photo: Normangerman at English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons.

Year Opened:

Woodville–Grange 1882



Albert Park, Seaton Park, East Grange, Grange


Typical Journey Time:

22 minutes (Adelaide–Grange); 8 minutes (Woodville–Grange)


Typical Peak Frequency:

30 minutes


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

30 minutes


Typical Weekend Frequency:

60 minutes

The Grange line is a branch line from Woodville on the Outer Harbor line and extends to Adelaide’s western suburbs. It is included in timetables with the Outer Harbor line. The line was built as a private railway before being taken over by the South Australian Railways in 1893, and is single track throughout. The terminus at Grange is located close to the coast of the Gulf St Vincent. Services on the Grange line stop at all stations. Trains from Adelaide typically alternate between services terminating at Grange and services terminating at Outer Harbor. The Grange line previously extended to Henley Beach.


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