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H Set (Oscar)

Set H42 approaching Scarborough station with a Bondi Junction service, 11 January 2013.

Road numbers:

OD6843–54, OD6901–99, ON5821–26, ON5901–50, ONL5871–6, ONL5951–99


Set numbers:




NSW TrainLink; Sydney Trains



1435 mm


Year of entry into service:



Number built:




United Group Rail


Manufacturing location:

Broadmeadow, NSW



42.3 t (OD: driving trailer car); 50.1 t (ON: motor car); 50.1 t (ONL: motor car with toilet)



19.4 m (OD: driving trailer car, ON: motor car, ONL: motor car with toilet)



102 (OD: driving trailer car); 118 (ON: motor car); 110 (ONL: motor car with toilet)

The Oscar trains are similar to the Millennium trains but are designed to run services to destinations in the interurban area. They operate as four-car sets, with a driving trailer car at each end and two the non-driving motor cars in the middle. The driving trailer cars are also power cars and each has a pantograph. Two sets are combined to form an eight-car train. They resemble the M Set (Millennium) trains. The Oscar trains typically operate on the Central Coast & Newcastle line, the Eastern Suburbs line, the South Coast line, and the Blue Mountains line as far as Springwood, with some weekday only services on the Western line to Emu Plains. Oscar refers to ‘outer suburban car’.



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