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Journey Beyond Rail

Journey Beyond Rail currently operates four interstate passenger trains:

  • Indian Pacific between Sydney, Adelaide and Perth

  • The Ghan between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin

  • The Overland between Melbourne and Adelaide.

  • Great Southern between Adelaide and Brisbane in December and January.

Tickets for Journey Beyond Rail's services can be booked online or by telephone (13 21 47 in Australia or +61 8 8213 4401 outside Australia) from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from Mondays to Fridays (Central Standard Time). The Journey Beyond Rail website provides information about train services, timetables, fares, service levels, onboard facilities, station and terminal facilities, off-train excursions, tour packages and general information for travellers.

Journey Beyond Rail's train services cater for the rail tourism market, and advertising for the Indian PacificThe Ghan and Great Southern promotes onboard facilities and off-train excursions as part of holiday experiences. Travellers on the Indian PacificThe Ghan and Great Southern can book Platinum Service or Gold Service. Red Service and Red Premium Service are available on The Overland.

Platinum and Gold Service both feature cabins that include seating during the day and sleeping facilities during the night. Access to bar, dining and lounge facilities is also provided for both service levels. Included in the fare are breakfasts, two course lunches and three course dinners. In-cabin music and an audio commentary regarding highlights of the journey are also available.

Platinum Service is the most luxurious and most expensive service level available. It provides a large cabin that during the day is configured as a private lounge with lounge seating, a table and two ottoman couches. During the night the cabin is converted into a bedroom with a double bed or twin beds. Platinum Service cabins also have windows with views from both sides of the train. Additional features of Platinum Service include transfers up to 50 km from the terminal before and at end of the journey, as well as in-cabin breakfast and refreshments.

Gold Service can be booked as a single or twin cabin. Gold Twin provides a cabin that during the day is configured as a three-seater lounge with a private en suite and during the night is converted to upper and lower sleeping berths. Gold Single provides a cabin that during the day is configured as a seat and during the night is converted to a compact sleeper, while shared toilet and shower facilities are located at the end of the carriage.

Motorail service, enabling passengers to take their car on the train, is available between Adelaide and Perth on the Indian Pacific, and between Adelaide and Darwin on The Ghan.

The Indian Pacific provides opportunities for off-train excursions at Broken Hill and Adelaide in both directions. Additionally, the westbound train stops at Rawlinna and Cook as outback stops to provide passengers with the opportunity to experience a remote outback location, while the eastbound train stops at Kalgoorlie for off-train excursions and at Cook as an outback stop. Passengers on the eastbound Indian Pacific also have the opportunity to disembark at Mount Victoria and be transferred by coach to Scenic World at Katoomba, then later catch an interurban service from Katoomba to Sydney.

The Ghan provides opportunities for off-train excursions at Alice Springs and Katherine in both directions. Additionally, the northbound train stops at Marla and the southbound train stops at Manguri as outback stops to provide passengers with the opportunity to experience a remote outback location.

Great Southern provides opportunities for off-train excursions at Grampians National Park in western Victoria, Canberra, and northern New South Wales on the journey from Adelaide to Brisbane. While travelling from Brisbane to Adelaide off train excursions include a beachside dining experience in northern New South Wales, the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, and the Twelve Apostles in south-west Victoria.

Travellers on The Overland are accommodated in Red Service or Red Premium Service. The train operates as a daylight service and reclining seats are provided. Both service levels include access to a café with meals, snacks and drinks available for purchase. Red Premium Service provides additional leg room and a-la-carte in-seat trolley service.


NSW TrainLink

NSW TrainLink operates interstate services between Sydney and Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, and Sydney and Brisbane. XPTs run between Sydney and Melbourne, and between Sydney and Brisbane, while Xplorer Diesel Multiple Units run between Sydney and Canberra. Details of travel and ticketing on NSW TrainLink services can be found on the New South Wales page.



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