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Midland Line

Bassendean station, 25 June 2005. Photo: Shinjiman, Wikimedia Commons.

Year Opened:

East Perth–Guildford 1881; Guildford–Midland 1884



McIver, Claisebrook, East Perth, Mount Lawley, Maylands, Meltham, Bayswater, Ashfield, Bassendean, Success Hill, Guildford, East Guildford, Woodbridge, Midland


Typical Journey Time:

26 minutes (Perth–Midland)


Typical Peak Frequency:

7 minutes (Bayswater); 15 minutes (Midland)


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

6 minutes (Bayswater); 12 minutes (Midland)


Typical Weekend Frequency:

7 minutes (Bayswater); 15 minutes (Midland)

The Midland line extends to the north-eastern suburbs of Perth. Between Perth and Claisebrook there are four tracks and the remainder of the line is double track. The line diverges from the Armadale line after Claisebrook. From East Perth to Midland the line has dual (narrow and standard) gauge tracks. The section between Perth and Guildford was part of the first railway in Perth, opened in 1881. Most of the line is on the northern side of the Swan River, with the line crossing to the southern side between Success Hill and Guildford before continuing to Midland. Most trains on the line stop at all stations, with the exception of some peak hour trains that operate as semi-express services. Services from the Midland line typically extend to Fremantle after travelling through the city. Standard gauge trains to Merredin, Kalgoorlie, South Australia and the eastern states share the Midland line between East Perth and Midland. Services on the Airport line share the Midland line to Bayswater, and then branch off.

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