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Olympic Park Line

Olympic Park station, 4 November 2017.

Year Opened:

Lidcombe–Olympic Park 1998



Olympic Park


Typical Journey Time:

5 minutes (Lidcombe–Olympic Park)


Typical Peak Frequency:

10 minutes


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

10 minutes


Typical Weekend Frequency:

10 minutes

The Olympic Park line is located in the middle-western suburbs of Sydney. It was opened in 1998 and was built to provide services for the Sydney Olympic Games and Paralympic Games held in 2000. The last part of the line is in the form of a single-line balloon loop with two tracks at Olympic Park station. Trains run clockwise around the loop. Olympic Park station has four platforms and trains have platforms on both sides. During special events the doors are opened for passengers to alight before the doors on the other side are opened to enable passengers to board. When special events are held frequent trains service Olympic Park from the city and Blacktown. At other times a shuttle service operates between Lidcombe and Olympic Park.


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