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Outer Harbor Line

TransAdelaide railcars 2117/2008 at Outer Harbor, 13 November 2005. Photo: Ian Threlfall, EnglishElectric at Wikimedia Commons.

Year Opened:

Adelaide–Port Adelaide 1856; Port Adelaide–Glanville 1878; Glanville–Outer Harbor 1908



Bowden, Croydon, West Croydon, Kilkenny, Woodville Park, Woodville, St Clair, Cheltenham, Alberton, Port Adelaide, Ethelton, Glanville, Peterhead, Largs, Largs North, Draper, Taperoo, Midlunga, Osborne, North Haven, Outer Harbor


Typical Journey Time:

17 minutes express (Adelaide–Glanville); 34 minutes semi-express (Adelaide–Osborne); 40 minutes (Adelaide–Outer Harbor)


Typical Peak Frequency:

15 minutes (Woodville); 30 minutes (Outer Harbor)


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

15 minutes (Woodville); 30 minutes (Outer Harbor)


Typical Weekend Frequency:

15 minutes (Woodville); 30 minutes (Outer Harbor)

The Outer Harbor line extends to the north-western suburbs of Adelaide. It is double track from Adelaide to Midlunga, and single track between Midlunga and the terminus. The section between Adelaide and Port Adelaide was the first railway line in Adelaide, opening in 1856. A dual gauge freight railway from Dry Creek to Pelican Point is close to the Outer Harbor line between Draper and Outer Harbor. The terminus at Outer Harbor is located close to the coast of the Gulf St Vincent. Trains from Adelaide typically alternate between services terminating at Outer Harbor and services terminating at Grange, and the lines are combined in timetables. Three weekday morning peak services and four weekday afternoon peak services run express from Adelaide to Woodville, and then all stations to Osborne, where they terminate. A further four weekday morning peak services run express from Adelaide to Glanville, and then terminate, stopping at all stations on the return to Adelaide. Four weekday morning peak services from Outer Harbor run express between Port Adelaide and Adelaide.


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