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Rosewood Line

Rosewood station, 27 May 2012. Photo: TravellerQLD, Wikimedia Commons.

Year Opened:

Ipswich–Grandchester 1865



Thomas Street, Wulkuraka, Karrabin, Walloon, Thagoona, Rosewood


Typical Journey Time:

31 minutes (Ipswich–Rosewood)


Typical Peak Frequency:

30 minutes


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

60 minutes


Typical Weekend Frequency:

60 minutes

The Rosewood line extends from Ipswich to the south-western suburbs of Brisbane. It is an extension of the Ipswich line, and the lines are combined in timetables. The line also forms part of the main line extending to Toowoomba, Charleville and beyond. It is double track between Ipswich and Rosewood. Services on the Rosewood line typically operate as a shuttle service between Ipswich and Rosewood, although some trains run direct from the city, mostly in peak hours.

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