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Seaford Line

4000 Class Electric Multiple Unit train led by car 4018A, Seaford, 18 January 2017.

Year Opened:

Goodwood–Marino 1913; Marino– Port Stanvac Junction (near Hallett Cove) 1915; Port Stanvac Junction (near Hallett Cove)–Port Stanvac (near Lonsdale) 1963; Port Stanvac (near Lonsdale)–Christie Downs 1976; Christie Downs–Noarlunga Centre 1978; Noarlunga Centre–Seaford 2014



Mile End, Adelaide Showground, Goodwood, Clarence Park, Emerson, Edwardstown, Woodlands Park, Ascot Park, Marion, Oaklands, Warradale, Hove, Brighton, Seacliff, Marino, Marino Rocks, Hallett Cove, Hallett Cove Beach, Lonsdale, Christie Downs, Noarlunga Centre, Seaford Meadows, Seaford


Typical Journey Time:

50 minutes all stops; 46 minutes express (Adelaide–Seaford)


Typical Peak Frequency:

10 minutes


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

15 minutes


Typical Weekend Frequency:

30 minutes

The Seaford line extends to the southern suburbs of Adelaide. It diverges from the Belair line at Goodwood. Until 1978 it terminated at Noarlunga Centre, with the section between Noarlunga Centre and Seaford opening in 2014. It was electrified at the same time that the extension opened and was Adelaide’s first electrified line. From the junction at Goodwood the line is double track throughout. Dual gauge sleepers allow possible future conversion to standard gauge. The Flinders line branches off the Seaford line at Woodlands Park. Weekday services on the Seaford line typically alternate between trains stopping at all stations and trains running non-stop between Adelaide and Woodlands Park. On weekends all trains stop at all stations. Four weekday morning peak services commence from Noarlunga Centre. The line is close to the coast of the Gulf St Vincent between Hove and Lonsdale. There is a long-term proposal for extension of the line from Seaford to Aldinga.



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