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Seymour Line

Seymour railway station viewed from the main street, 12 July 2008. Photo: Marcus Wong, Wikimedia Commons.

Year Opened:

Broadmeadows–Seymour 1872



Donnybrook, Wallan, Heathcote Junction, Wandong, Kilmore East, Broadford, Tallarook, Seymour


Typical Journey Time:

83 minutes (Southern Cross–Seymour)


Typical Peak Frequency:

30 minutes


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

60 minutes


Typical Weekend Frequency:

60 minutes

Seymour is located north of Melbourne. The Seymour line shares the Craigieburn suburban line before continuing north. It is mostly double track, except for a section of single track for several kilometres approaching Seymour. Between Broadmeadows and Seymour the standard gauge line to Albury runs adjacent to the broad gauge line to Seymour. Most services on the Seymour line are operated by Sprinter DMU railcars, with some locomotive-hauled services also operating. Services to and from Shepparton share the Seymour line.



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