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South Australia

Adelaide Metro

Adelaide Metro operates services on the Adelaide suburban railway network. Trains are operated and maintained by private company Keolis Downer. Services run on six railway lines from Adelaide station, all of which are broad gauge: Belair, Gawler Central, Grange, Outer Harbor, Seaford and Flinders. Diesel Multiple Unit railcars operate on the Belair, Gawler Central, Grange and Outer Harbor lines. Electric Multiple trains operate on the Seaford, Flinders and Gawler lines. In 2022–23 there were 12,058,402 train passengers that boarded Adelaide Metro services.

Torrens Connect

Torrens Connect operates tram and bus services in the Adelaide suburban area. It is owned by a consortium of John Holland, UGL and Transit Systems, and is contracted to provide services by the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure. Trams operate within the Adelaide central business district and from the CBD to Glenelg. In 2022–23 there were 7,493,942 tram passengers in Adelaide.

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