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Williamstown Line

A Comeng train arriving at Williamstown station, 19 June 2014. Photo: Nick-D., Wikimedia Commons.

Year Opened:

Newport–Williamstown 1857



North Williamstown, Williamstown Beach, Williamstown


Typical Journey Time:

27 minutes (Flinders Street–Williamstown); 6 minutes (Newport–Williamstown)


Typical Peak Frequency:

4 minutes (Footscray); 6 minutes (Newport); 20 minutes (Williamstown)


Typical Off-peak Frequency:

6 minutes (Footscray); 10 minutes (Newport); 20 minutes (Williamstown)


Typical Weekend Frequency:

10 minutes (Footscray); 20 minutes (Newport); 20 minutes (Williamstown)

The Williamstown line extends to the middle south-western suburbs of Melbourne. It branches from the Werribee line at Newport. The line is double track for most of its length, the exception being the terminus at Williamstown, which has a single track. Williamstown station is located close to the shore of Port Phillip Bay. On weekdays most services to Williamstown run directly to and from the city until 9.00 pm. After 9.00 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends a shuttle service operates between Newport and Williamstown. Trains on the Williamstown line stop at all stations. Services on the Williamstown line typically commence from the Frankston line, stopping at Southern Cross and Flinders Street without travelling around the City Loop.


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