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NP23 Sydney-Armidale and Moree Xplorer formed by six cars, led by EA2508, with EC2523 on the rear, between Willow Tree and Quirindi, 5 January 2017.

Road numbers:

EA2501–8, EB2511–17, EC2521–8



NSW TrainLink



1435 mm


Year of entry into service:



Number built:




ASEA Brown Boveri


Manufacturing location:

Dandenong, Victoria



Cummins KTA-19R


Traction power:

552 kW



63.0 t (EA: First class driving power car); 57.9 t (EB Economy class intermediate power car); 61.8 t (EC: Economy class driving power car)



25.3 m (EA: First class driving power car; EC: Economy class driving power car); 24.7 m (EB Economy class intermediate power car)



42 (EA: First class driving power car); 66 (EB Economy class intermediate power car); 48 (EC: Economy class driving power car)

The Xplorer Diesel Multiple Units entered service in 1993 and were refurbished in 2007–08. Sets usually consist of two or three carriages but have operated occasionally with four. Some services operate with two and three car sets coupled to form a five-car train. They operate between Sydney and Canberra, Griffith, Broken Hill, Armidale and Moree. The maximum speed of the Xplorer cars is 145 km/h. They are mechanically the same as the Endeavour Diesel Multiple Units. Cars EA2508 and EC2528 originally entered service as Endeavour cars, but were converted to Xplorer cars.



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